Surface Water Standards


During the 2007 triennial review, the DEQ, Water Quality Division established site-specific water quality criteria for chloride and selenium on Cottonwood Creek in the Big Horn River Basin, site specific chloride criteria on Salt Creek and portions of the mainstem of the Powder River, and site-specific chloride criteria on Poison Spider Creek in the North Platte Basin. The scientific basis for the criteria is in the associated Use Attainability Analysis documents below.  Because of the large file size of the study documents, each has been broken into smaller sections to reduce download times.

Cottonwood Creek:

UAA Report  -  Summary & Conclusions
Appendix A  -  Economic Analysis of no change in criteria
Appendix B  -  Hydrology Report
Appendix C  -  Wetland Report
Appendix D  -  Landowner Testimony
Appendix E  -  Wildlife Report
Appendix F  -  Water Quality Report
Appendix G  -  Economic Report
Appendix H  -  Correspondence


Salt Creek:

UAA Report  -  Summary & Conclusions
Appendix A  -  Hydrology Report
Appendix B  -  Water Quality Use Report
Appendix C  -  Wetland Report
Appendix D  -  Aquatic Life Report
Appendix E  -  Fish Report
Appendix F  -  Wildlife Report
Appendix G  -  Livestock Use Report
Appendix H  -  Chloride Data Set


Poison Spider Creek

Executive Summary
Attachment 1 - Hydrologic Setting
Attachment 1 - Data Tables
Attachment 2 - Aquatic Life & Water Dependent Birds
Attachment 3 - Terrestrial Birds & Mammals
Attachment 4 & 5 - Economics (4) and Desalinization (5)









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