Friday, February 17, 2017




Purpose of Public Notice


Operators of the facilities listed below have applied to the Department of Environmental Quality/Water Quality Division (DEQ/WQD) for permits to discharge wastewater into streams or other surface waters.  After reviewing the applications and other information, the DEQ/WQD staff has determined that these discharges should be permitted.  The proposed permits contain limitations and conditions that will assure that the state's surface water quality will be protected and fulfill the requirements of Sections 402 and 303 of the federal Clean Water Act.


The purpose of this notice is to invite your comments on these proposed permits before they are issued.  Questions regarding any of the proposed permits may be directed to Leah Coleman (307-777-7093). Copies of the proposed permits will be available on our website at  To object to any of the proposed permits, submit your comments in writing to Leah Coleman, DEQ/WQD, 200 West 17th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002 by the date shown below. If no objection to a permit is received by the date shown below, the permit will be issued as proposed.  Upon request, a copy of the draft permit, fact sheet, and other pertinent information is available at the address listed above.   A complete copy of the permit file for all permits, including coal bed methane permits, will be retained in the DEQ Cheyenne Field Office.  Each permit file contains the proposed permit, application form, fact sheet, and other pertinent information.


Any interested person may submit written comments on a proposed permit and may request a public meeting.  A request for a public meeting shall be in writing and shall indicate the interest of the party and the reasons why a meeting is warranted.   If the administrator finds that there is a significant degree of public interest he may facilitate such a public meeting.  The DEQ/WQD will consider all comments when making the final decision of issuance or denial of the permit and this decision is appealable to the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council (EQC).  All comments must be received in writing or fax copies of written comments by 5:00 pm on the date listed below.  Comments received by email will not be accepted.


All Comments must be received by Monday, March 20, 2017





This facility(ies) is a coal mine operation in which process wastewater generated from the mine is discharged to a surface water of the state.  The process wastewater typically consists of mine pit water, dewater wells, and/or runoff from surrounding areas.

Arch of Wyoming, LLC

PO Box 460

Hanna, WY  82327                                                                                                                                            Draft Permit                                 Application

WY0051900, Carbon Basin Mines

001, SESE, Section 34, Township 21N , Range80W .  Receiving Waters: Third Sand Creek (3B), tributary to the Medicine Bow River, North Platte River Basin

004, NENW, Section 32, Township 21N , Range79W .  Receiving Waters: Third Sand Creek (3B)

005, NWNW, Section 32, Township 21N , Range79W .  Receiving Waters: Third Sand Creek (3B)



This facility(ies) is a wastewater treatment facility in which domestic sewage is treated.

Hoy, Philip

PO Box 1656

Gillette, WY  82717                                                                                                                                        Draft Permit                              Application

WY0048488, Hoy Mobile Home Park

001, NESW, Section 4 , Township 50N , Range72W .  Receiving Waters: Unnamed ephemeral tributary (class 3B) to Little Rawhide Creek (3B)  Little Powder River Basin


Regency of Wyoming, Inc.

4 North Fourth Street

Carbondale, CO  81623                                                                                                                                Draft Permit                            Application

 WY0022128, B & R Mobile Home Village                                                                                                                              

001, NENW, Section 2 , Township 19N , Range105W.  Receiving Waters: Killpecker Creek (3B), tributary to Bitter Creek (2C), eventually tributary to Green River (2AB)


This facility(ies) is an oil production unit in which the oil and formation waters are separated at the surface using one of the following methods:  heater treated, gravity separation, emulsion breaking chemicals, and/or skim ponds and tanks.  The formation waters are then discharged to the surface provided the effluent quality is in compliance with the effluent limits that are established by the permit.

Big Muddy Operating, LLC

PO Box 2528

Casper, WY  82602                                                                                                                                         Draft Permit                            Application

WY0000710, East Unit, Big Muddy Field

001, NENE, Section 3 , Township 33N , Range76W .  Receiving Waters: unnamed drainage (3B), tributary to the North Platte River (2AB)


WY0000914, Glenrock Block B Unit State 8                                                                                               Draft Permit                            Application

001, NWSE, Section 8 , Township 33N , Range75W .  Receiving Waters: unnamed draw (3B), tributary to Deer Creek (2AB) via North Platte River Basin

 Citation Oil and Gas Corporation

14077 Cutten Road

Houston, TX  77069                                                                                                                                       Draft Permit                            Application

WY0001171, Dallas Pit & Fourt 4 & 5 Pits

001, SW, Section 13, Township 32N , Range99W .  Receiving Waters: Little Popo Agie River (2AB), Wind River Basin


WY0001210, Derby Field, Carmody, USA & USA CH Leases                                                                Draft Permit                            Application

001, NW, Section 4 , Township 31N , Range98W .  Receiving Waters: Twin Creek (2AB), Wind River Basin


WY0023914, South Casper Creek Field                                                                                                       Draft Permit                            Application

001, NESE, Section 3 , Township 33N , Range83W .  Receiving Waters: Poison Spider Creek (2C) via an unnamed drainage (3B), North Platte River Basin


Diamond Oil & Gas, LLC

1541 Diamond Drive

Casper, WY  82601                                                                                                                                          Draft Permit                            Application

WY0000230, Elk Mountain Lease

001, NENW, Section 23, Township 20N , Range80W .  Receiving Waters: Bear Creek (2AB) via an unnamed drainage (3B), North Platte River Basin


Merit Energy Company

13727 Noel Road, Suite 500

Dallas, TX  74240                                                                                                                                               Draft Permit                            Application

WY0000353, Half Moon Tank Battery, Halfmoon Field

001, SWSW, Section 23, Township 51N , Range102W.  Receiving Waters: Sulphur Creek (2C) via unnamed draw (3B), Big Horn River Basin


WY0026590, Pitchfork Unit                                                                                                                               Draft Permit                            Application

001, SE, Section 11, Township 48N , Range102W.  Receiving Waters: Rawhide Creek (2C) via an unnamed drainage (3B), Big Horn River Basin


WY0026816, Frannie P-T Unit Battery #2                                                                                                        Draft Permit                            Application

001, NW, Section 36, Township 58N , Range98W .  Receiving Waters: Sage Creek (2AB) via an unnamed drainage (3B),  Big Horn River Basin


Public Notice WY-PN-17-002