The table below contains a listing of all of the Water Quality Division Rules and regulations.  Not all of the chapters are currently available for download and hyperlinks to an Adobe pdf formatted document are provided for those that are.  Links to the remaining documents will be added in the near future.  Hard copies of the chapters that are not available for download can be obtained by contacting Tara Kent at (307) 777-7781; email:





01 Surface Water Quality Standards
02 WYPDES Permitting Regulations
[Combines previous Chapter 2, Chapter 7, Chapter 10, and Chapter 18]
03 Regulations for Permit to Construct, Install or Modify Public Water Supplies, Wastewater Facilities and Other Facilities Capable of Causing or Contributing to Pollution 
04 Regulations for Release of Oil and Hazardous Substances into Waters of the State  
05 Certification of Operators of Public Water and Public Wastewater Treatment Plants, Public Collection and Public Distribution Systems 
06 Salinity Standards/Criteria for the Colorado River Basin 

[Original Chapter 7 has been incorporated into Chapter 2]

08 Quality Standards for Wyoming Groundwater 
09 Wyoming Groundwater Pollution Control Permit 

[Original Chapter 10 has been incorporated into Chapter 2]

11 Design and Construction Standards for Sewerage Systems, Treatment Works, Disposal System of other Facilities Capable of Causing or Contributing to and Mobile Home Park and Campground Sewerage and Public Water Supply Distribution Systems 
12 Design and Construction Standards for Public Water Supplies 
13 Class I Hazardous Waste and Non-Hazardous Waste Wells:  Underground Injection Control Program 
14 Financial Assurance Requirements 
15 Standards for the Use or Surface Disposal of Biosolids 
16 Class V Injection Wells and Facilities 
17 Underground Storage Tanks 

[Original Chapter 18 has been incorporated into Chapter 2]

19 Financial Responsibility for Underground Storage Tanks 
20 Permitting, Design and Operation Standards Confined Swine Feeding Operations
21 Standards for the Reuse of Treated Wastewater 
22 Capacity Development Standards for Public Water Supplies 
23 Minimum Standards for Subdivision Applications
24 Class VI Injection Wells and Facilities

Septic Tank and/or Soil Absorption Systems and
other Small Wastewater Systems

26 Well Construction Standards





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