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Steve Girt, ENV-ITE Program Manager

The Environmental IT Environmental (ENV-ITE) system was created by the WDEQ to provide external users of WDEQ applications access to and use of multiple applications with one username and password. This was also done to standardize the application process. If you have any questions or need assistance with the sign up process please contact the appropriate Application Administrator (Contacts).

● ENV-ITE Log-in

User Profile

E-mail Verification

Adding/Checking Address and Phone Number

Access Request

ENV-ITE Roles and Permissions

Pin Management/Security Questions (only applies to eSign accounts)

Downloading the Affidavit

Final Approval

Resetting the Pin Number and/or Security Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions on how to fill out the affidavit

Signatory Requirements

eGOV and ENV-ITE Walkthrough Guide

ENV-ITE Log-in:                                                                                                          (back to top)

After creating the eGOV account or using your existing eGOV credentials, ENV-ITE can be accessed by going to: http://envite.deq.wyoming.gov. On the ENV-ITE login page, read the “Attestation Warning”, check the box acknowledging that the warning was read, and sign in using the eGOV username and password.

User Profile:                                                                                                                (back to top)

E-mail Verification:

Upon the initial login, a message requesting that the user provide additional information in order to complete your profile is displayed. Once the additional information is provided, the message will not show up again. The additional information includes email verification, and adding a valid address and a phone number. This is done by going to the user profile.

On the “User Profile” page you can update your name, add a prefix and title, and change and validate your email address. Your email address needs to be validated when you first log into ENV-ITE and every time the email address is changed. The initial validation email will be automatically sent to the email address provided in eGOV upon the first login into ENV-ITE. In order to validate your email address, click on the link provided in the email. If you do not get the initial validation email, you can check and if necessary update your email address by go to the “User Profile”. You can also have the validation email resent by clicking on the “Resend Validation Email” button.

Adding/Checking Address and Phone Number:                                                                          (back to top)

Once the email address is verified, a valid address and phone number needs to be provided. If available, ENV-ITE will pull in your address and phone number from eGOV. The address and phone number should be checked to make sure it is your business address and phone number and not your personal information.

Access Request:                                                                                                        (back to top)

The next step is to request access to the WDEQ application(s) that you want to use. Currently, access can be requested for “eDMR”, “IMPACT”, and/or “MIDAS”. The WDEQ is planning to add additional applications to ENV-ITE when they become available. Access can be requested to more than one WDEQ application and for multiple organizations and ENV-ITE roles within each application. An affidavit needs to be submitted for each ENV-ITE role and organization access request.

You cannot request access to any WDEQ applications if you have not verified your email address, and provided an address and phone number. After the required information is provided, the “Request New Access” button will be available. Click on the “Request New Access” button to get to the next screen.

On the “Request Access” page, you can pick the WDEQ application(s) you want to have access to, the organization(s) you represent, and the ENV-ITE role.

Currently, “eDMR”, “IMPACT”, and “MIDAS” are the only available applications in ENV-ITE. Others will be added later as they become available.

ENV-ITE Roles and Permissions:                                                                                            (back to top)

Role Permissions Requires Pin# and Security Questions
eSign Enter and/or edit data and permit applications, sign and submit data and permits based on the selected WDEQ application Yes
Edit Enter and/or edit data and permit applications No
Trusted Partner View data and permit applications No

Once the application, organization, and role are selected and the selection is saved, you will automatically be sent to the next screen where you can check the status of the access request, download the unsigned affidavit, and if you selected the eSign role set up the pin and security questions.

eSign roles need to setup the pin and security questions before the “Access Request” can be submitted to the WDEQ for approval.

Pin Management/Security Questions (only applies to eSign accounts):                                         (back to top)

The pin number and security questions are a prerequisite to signing and submitting data and permit applications to the WDEQ. The instructions on how to set up your pin and your security questions can be found on the respective screens. The password that needs to be provided on the “PIN Management” page is your ENVITE password.

If for some reason the pin number and/or security question setup has not been completed you can return to the setup by clicking on “Access Request” on the left of the screen and edit your existing account(s) by clicking on the pencil icon in the “Edit” column. Please be aware that your application cannot be processed until the pin number and security questions have been setup.

Downloading the Affidavit:                                                                                                   (back to top)

Once the pin and the security questions are set up, the unsigned affidavit needs to be downloaded, completed and mailed to the WDEQ. Instructions on how to fill out the affidavit can be found on the Affidavit Help site along with sample affidavits and an explanation for the signatory requirements. Depending on the ENV-ITE role you selected to sign up for, you will get a different affidavit. Only the affidavit for the ENV-ITE role “eSign” needs to be notarized. The ENV-ITE roles “edit” and “trusted partner” affidavits do not need to be notarized.

After downloading the affidavit, click on the submit button and the access request will be sent to the WDEQ for approval.

Final Approval:                                                                                                            (back to top)

Upon receiving the completed and notarized affidavit, WDEQ staff will complete the approval process, request additional information, or deny the access request. At each stage of the approval process, an email will be sent to the applicant to provide an update of the application process. The approval process may differ based on the WDEQ application you have requested access to. The status of the application process can also be checked by going to the “Access Request” screen.

Resetting the Pin Number and/or Security Questions:                                         (back to top)

Should you accidentally misplace your pin number and/or security questions or you cannot remember them log into ENV-ITE and go to “PIN Management” to reset your pin number or to “Security Questions” to reset the security questions.

eGOV and ENV-ITE Walkthrough Guide (6-2-14):                                                (back to top)

eGOV and ENV-ITE Walkthrough Guide (Version 1.22)

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