Storage Tank Program

Our mission is to reduce the threat of water pollution caused by storage tanks through environmental remediation,
leak prevention, and leak detection 

Storage Tank Program Manager
Karen Halvorsen, PE
(307) 777-7244

Contact Information
   Map Showing District Office Sites, Contacts and Service Areas (09/17/14) 
If you have any tank compliance-related questions, please contact Oma Gilbreth at (307)777-7097.

What's New
    Storage Tank Program Provides Outreach During Spring 2014 (4/14/14)
    Facilities Prohibited From Receiving Fuel (Red Tags) (11/21/14)
    Project Schedule (Subject to Change) (7/30/14
    Public Notices   
      Engineers' Prequalification Notification (11/21/14)  
           Construction Notice (11/21/14) 
           Landfill Remediation Request for Statement of Qualification (11/24/14) 

Storage Tank Program Overview

Statutes, Rules, and Guidance Documents
Wyoming Statute 35-11 Article 14  (Storage Tank Act of 2007)
   Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations (WWQRR), Chapter 17 (Effective 12/17/12)
   Statement of Principal Reasons (Summary of Final Revisions WWQRR, Chapter 17) 
   Guidance Documents

Semi-Annual Reports to EPA
Semi-Annual ARRA Report to EPA  (2/12)
Storage Tank Program Annual Reports to Legislature (10/14)
Public Records Release Report  (10/14)

   Government Owned Tank Reports (2/17/06)

General Information

        New Owner Information (5/9/12)
   List of Every Facility Active or Inactive  (10/1/14)
List of Every Active Tank and Attached Equipment (10/1/14)
   Regulated Above Ground Storage Tank Information
   Tank Service Providers   (8/4/14)
   EPA's Example of an SPCC Plan
       Change of Ownership
    EPA Vapor Recovery Notification Form With Instructions  (4/30/08)
Operator, Tester, and Installer Licensing (8/14/13)
ICC Information About Tester, Installer, and Operator Certification

        Wyoming Association of Municipalities Test Application and 2014 Schedule
Operator Training Power Point Presentations
        Licenses and Expiration Dates (Testers, Installers, and Operators)

Storage Tank Program Remediation
General Information
Information for Bankers and Realtors

        Synopsis of Wyoming SRF (1/24/14)
MSA Companies (9/5/14)
     Sampling Information
   QAPP for STP Sampling (10/1/12)
     Contaminated Site Information
Unresolved Storage Tank Program Contaminated Sites (10/1/14)
        Storage Tank Program Contaminated Sites in Project (10/1/14)
Resolved Storage Tank Program Contaminated Sites  (10/1/14)
   Tank Decommissioning Firms (Permitted by Solid Waste)
        Tank Decommissioning Information (11/7/11)

Prequalification Information
   Prequalification Applications
Prequalified Contractors
Landfill Remediation   

     Prequalification Information
Prequalification Applications (11/25/14)
        Prequalified Contractors