Inspection & Compliance

Inspection & Compliance Program Manager
Robert W. Breuer

The Inspection & Compliance group (see Contacts Map) is responsible for assuring Wyoming governmental, business and industrial entities are in compliance with the Wyoming Solid and Hazardous Waste Rules & Regulations. The following types of inspections are performed by the group to assure compliance: open and closed municipal landfills; industrial landfills; construction/demolition landfills; solid waste transfer, treatment and storage facilities; hazardous waste generators; used oil generators; hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDs); asbestos management facilities; and petroleum-contaminated soils facilities.  The group uses various regulatory inspection checklists to assure compliance with the rules and regulations. (Compliance Checklists) The group also responds to various types of solid and hazardous waste complaints and conducts follow up inspections to ensure compliance.

To ensure compliance, the group will issue either formal or informal enforcement actions.  Informal enforcement action consists of informal letters, warning letters and letters of violation (LOV).  Formal actions include issuance of Notices of Violation (NOV), Cease & Desist Order, and Referral for Penalty to the Wyoming Attorney General Office. Formal enforcement actions are used to deter problem violators and is used only after all efforts have been made through conference and conciliation, to return the violations to compliance.

The following information can be found on these pages:

Regulatory Assistance - Commonly Asked Regulatory Questions (FAQs); Used Oil Regulatory Scenarios; Why Is This Required?

Guidance - I&C and SWRR Guidelines;Household HWGuidance; Municipal Landfill Regulatory Scenario; How To Obtain State/EPA ID#; SPCC Guidance; Mercury-Containing Lamps Guide, and Pollution Prevention Guidance.

Training videos are also available on this web page to assist with the proper understanding of the rules and regulations.