Scheduling a Pollution Prevention Site Visit

How Does It Work?

Curious to know what you may learn from a pollution prevention site visit? Simply call Landon Brown, P2 Coordinator at 307-777-7347. Following the visit, you’ll receive a report summarizing the recommendations .You may also want to look at the WP3 program Handbook and do a self assessment of your Pollution Prevention Techniques. 

These pollution prevention opportunity assessments are not inspections! They are confidential, completely voluntary and non-regulatory. The purpose is not to evaluate your facility’s compliance with environmental regulations, but rather to assess voluntary measures that can be taken to make the most efficient use of materials and energy which will protect the environment, your workers and save you money!

Go Green and get recognized for your efforts.  Participate in the WP3 and see what benefits preventing pollution can do for you and your organization.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON WP3.

During the site visit