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Where to go to for other DEQ Non-Regulatory Assistance

Below is a list of non-regulatory information that DEQ offers. These contacts can help you not just comply with environmental rules and regulations, but go beyond them to operate even more efficiently and with less impact on the environment than allowed by law.

Household Hazardous Waste - (307) 777-7752

Offers technical assistance concerning the organization and development of household hazardous waste collection days and the proper management of household hazardous waste.

Non-Point Source Program - (307) 777-5622

Provides funding assistance for watershed assessment, improvement projects and educational programs that focus on preventing and solving water pollution problems related to non-point pollution sources (e.g. surface runoff from residential areas, urban and rural construction sites, cultivated farmland, etc.).

Wellhead Protection - (307) 777-7781

Approximately 90% of Wyoming's population depends on groundwater for their drinking water. The Wellhead Protection Program provides information and assistance on how to be involved with planning, development, and implementation of local wellhead protection plans.

Wyoming Recycling - (307) 332-6924

Provides technical assistance, workshops, marketing information, lending library resources, integrated solid waste management training, pay-as-you-throw training, small grants for local government entities and non-profit organizations, K through 12 educational materials and other promotional materials for communities, schools, businesses and individuals.

Wyoming's Wetlands Bank - (307) 777-7081

Offers credits to landowners for voluntary projects within the state that involve restoring or creating wetlands. These "banked" credits can then be applied to future construction projects that would impact previously existing wetland areas.


Links to other related sites

For the nearest recycling site near you got to http://1800cleanup.org. When you enter your local zip code, this web site will tell you the closest location for you to recycle a variety of materials or drop off your HHW. Access to this info is free.