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The LQD administers and enforces all statutes and regulations on land disturbances dealing with mining and reclamation within the State of Wyoming. The LQD has the authority to require permitting and licensing of all operator actions of surface and underground mine facilities. Each mining operation must be covered by a Reclamation Bond in the event the operator is unable to fulfill the reclamation requirements. The LQD's authority derives from the Federal Surface Mining Reclamation and Control Act and the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act.

LQD District Contacts  (Click County on Map Below)

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LQD Administrator

Nancy Nuttbrock

(307) 777 - 7046

LQD Program Manager

Carol Bilbrough

(307) 777 - 6772

LQD Bonding Analyst

Deanna Hill

(307) 777 - 6910

LQD Records Manager

Ramona Christensen

(307) 777 - 7053


Map of Active LQD Permits (Last Updated July 2013)

This interactive map displays the location and information for active permitted mining operations (confidential sites excluded by Statute.  Features available include: aerial photos; topography & street maps; sage grouse core areas; LQD district boundaries; County boundaries; township, range & section designations; surface & mineral ownership maps; and ability to draw, measure & print.  Users are directed to the welcome page and disclaimer upon opening for additional information. 
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What's New? 

 - Revised Guideline 12 - Standardized Reclamation Performance Bond Format and Cost Calculation Methods (Updated 11/17/2014)

[Download Guideline 12]

 - Revised Guideline 12A - Standardized Reclamation Performance Bond Format and Cost Calculation Methods for Noncoal Small Scale Mining Operations (Updated 11/7/2014)

[Download Guideline 12A]

 - Revised Guideline 2 - Vegetation [View Here] (Added 9/16/14)

 - Repost - NRC Agreement State Feasibility Study Report [View Here] (Reposted 8/26/14, originally posted 11/2013)

 - Revised Guidelines for Coal Bond Release (Added 6/12/14)

The LQD has revised guidelines related to bond release on coal mining operations.  See the links below to download the revised documents.

[Download Guideline 20]  [Download Guideline 21]  [Download Guideline 22]  [Download Guideline 23]  [Download Guideline 25]

 - Revised Guideline 16 - License to Explore for Noncoal Minerals by Dozing  (Updated 5/6/2014) [Download Guideline Here]

 - Revised Small Mine Permit Application Form (Updated 3/7/2014) - Updated Statutory Citation [Download Form Here]

 - Revised Guidance Documents and Forms for Limited Mining Operations (Updated 2/25/2014)

In support of the revised LMO regulations several documents were revised and can be [Viewed Here]

 - Revised Noncoal SOP 1.4 (Public Notice) (Updated 2/25/2014) -  Summary Table Updated.  [Download SOP 1.4 Here]

 - Revised Noncoal SOP 1.3 (Permit Transfers) (Updated 2/25/2014) -  LMO Transfer Info Updated.  [Download SOP 1.3 Here]

 - Revised Guideline 4 - In Situ Mining (Noncoal) [Download Guideline 4 Here]  (Updated 2/12/14)

Table 2 (Groundwater Quality Lab Analysis Parameters) of Reference Document 10 was revised in this update. 

 - Revised Rules and Regulations (Added 1/7/14) - The LQD has revised Noncoal Chapters 9, 10 and 11. 

The revised chapters may be downloaded here: [Chapter 9 - Small Mines]  [Chapter 10 - Limited Mining Operation]  [Chapter 11 - In Situ]

Final Rule Packages and Certification Pages for the rule changes can be [Viewed Here]

 - Sage Grouse MOU between WY DEQ and WY Game & Fish re: Executive Order 2011-5  [Download MOU Here] (Added 6/6/13)

Guidance and Information

Statutes, Rules & Regulations, and Advisory Board  

Current Events (Updated 4/22/14)

CHIA - Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments - Coal Mining  (Updated 8/19/14)

Data listed below was developed for CHIAs that the LQD prepares for coal mining permit actions. The LQD shares this information in hopes that others can benefit from our work.


Active Coal Mine Permit Areas (Data Last Updated 8/14/14)


The information below shows the active coal mine permit areas.  Associated with the information is the mine name and the LQD mining permit number.  Coal mine permit areas are dynamic and change often in response to mining needs.  Please note that this information is updated approximately twice each year, so changes that occur since the last update are not reflected in this information.  For more detailed information the user is referred to the individual permits. 


[Active Coal Mine Permit Areas] - (JPEG of where active coal mines are located in WY, suitable for use with PowerPoint presentation or report as generalized illustration.  (Updated 8/19/14)


[ARCgis Shapefile] - (a shapefile of polygons of the active coal mine permit areas in WY including an attribute table and metadata) (Updated 8/19/14)



Coordination with the Office of Surface Mining (OSM)

Revised 11/7/2014