Industrial Siting

The Industrial Siting Division administers the Wyoming Industrial Development Information and Siting Act and the Rules and Regulations of the Industrial Siting Council Chapters 1 and 2.

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Permits and Actions

Facilities subject to requirement of the Industiral Development information and Siting Act and who must seek a permit from the Industrial Siting Council:


1. Facilities with an estimated construction cost of $193.8 Million or more, the current threshold construction costs called for by W.S. 35-12-102. 

If the estimated construction cost is $155-$193.8 Million
a Certificate of Insufficient Jurisdiction must be obtained from the Industrial Siting Council


2. Wind Energy Projects with 30 or more towers in all phases


3. Facilities regardless of cost:


A. Any commercial waste incineration or disposal facility capable of receiving greater than 500 short  tons per day of household refuse or mixed household and industrial refuse; 

B. Any commercial facility which incinerates or disposes of any regulated quantity of hazardous wastes which are subject to hazardous waste shipping manifest requirements under subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.


C. Any commercial radioactive waste management facility defined by W. S. 35-11-103(d)(v).


D. Any commercial facility generating electricity from wind and associated collector systems consisting of 30 or more turbines.


E. Any facility over which a board of county commissioners has authority to issue the permit required by W.S. 18-5-502 (County regulation of wind energy projects) and which the board of county commissioners has referred to the council under W.S. 18-5-509 (County referral).


Industrial Siting Division
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Kimber Wichmann, Principal Economist

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