Emission Inventory Forms

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Air Quality Division (AQD), collects and manages data on air pollution emissions throughout the state.  There are several different emission inventory efforts.  Click on the links below to get further information and forms for each inventory:

12/14/12 Calculation & Reporting VOC and Formaldehyde Emissions From Engines:  A review of EPA test methods and the NSPS for engines reports VOC emissions as propane for engines.  Test methods and EPA regulations indicate that formaldehyde emissions are not included in the VOC component.  For determining actual "total" VOC emissions from engines on all inventories, VOC emissions must be converted back to total carbon emissions with formaldehyde emissions added in as described in this memo.  Please contact either Brian Bohlmann at 307-777-6993 or brian.bohlmann@wyo.gov, or Mark Gagen at 307-777-7351 or mark.gagen@wyo.gov for questions concerning this memo.

Annual Southern Powder River Basin Emission Inventories:  Actual emissions inventories and production information is required of sources in the Southern Powder River Basin.

Major (Title V) Emission Inventory:  Facilities subject to the Title V Operating Permit Program are required to submit annual inventories to the Division of their actual emissions.

Triennial Minor Source Emission Inventory:  In accordance with 40 CFR Part 51, Subpart A, states are required to report total state-wide emissions to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every three years.  The Division requires each minor source in Wyoming to submit actual emission data for this effort.  Calendar year 2011 data is due to the Division by April 30, 2012.

Annual Sulfur Dioxide Inventory:  Sources subject to the emissions trading program for SO2 under WAQSR Chapter 14, Section 3, for Regional Haze, are required to submit annual SO2 emission inventories.

Annual and Winter Upper Green River Basin Emission Inventories:  Actual emissions inventories and production information is required of sources in the Upper Green River Basin in support of efforts to reduce elevated ozone levels in the area.

Download the Emission Factor Groups Excel file and use it to determine which emission factor groups your production sites are in.  The AQD has developed 52 different field and formation emission factor groups.  Emission factors have been generated for roughly 15 of these 52 groups.  Within this Excel file are pivot tables designed to provide a list of wells by operator that are in each emission factor group.  Included for each well, when a search is conducted by operator name, is:  the main group name; the emission factor group; the field name; the county name; the API number; the latitude and longitude coordinates, and the well's Section, Township, and Range.  This search will indicate which emission factor group to use on production site minor source emissions inventory forms.  Further instructions can be found on the "Instructions" tab of this Excel file.

Information on emission inventory data reported to the Division is available on the Actual Emissions web page.

Once completed, upload the inventory information onto the Wyoming DEQ web server using the Web Upload Instructions provided.

For questions or comments, please contact the following:

                        Brian Bohlmann @ 307-777-6993 or brian.bohlmann@wyo.gov
                        Ben Way @ 307-777-7017 or ben.way@wyo.gov
                        Brett Davis @ 307-777-3366 or brett.davis@wyo.gov